CALLAMUS LTD offers an unparalleled expertise in residency and citizenship by investment programs, and works in collaboration with an international network of immigration practitioners spanning the globe.

Our business immigration professionals have, on average, over 8 years of experience in the field, and have collaborated with multiple stakeholders such as governments, immigrant investors, immigration practitioners and lawyers.

ResidencyGreece.com by Callamus

Callamus is a boutique corporate services provider, established in 2009. With a network of partner offices strategically located throughout Europe, the Callamus team of dedicated accounting, finance and legal professionals will tailor tax efficient corporate structures to accommodate your personal or corporate objectives. Focused on providing solutions globally, our services include onshore and offshore company formation, accounting and administration, international bank account opening, immigration services, fiduciary services as well as specialised marine and aviation services.

We believe in offering
our clients and their families an extra chance for a better future.

Your Window to the European World

In order to adapt to the ever changing landscape of global business immigration, ResidencyGreece was created by CALLAMUS LTD to offer a residency by investment program in Greece. This program provide high-net-worth individuals with opportunities to gain greater mobility, a second place of residence for themselves and their families, broader educational opportunities for their children, and a safe haven for their assets and their loved ones.

BA MFP TEP© | Managing Partner

Dimitrios Tourikis

BA MA MIB | Senior Partner

Helen Varvaritis

BEcon | Corporate Administrator

Clara Katsi

Executive Assistant

Efstathia Mourkakou

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