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Revealing the Heart and Soul of Our Company

With over 10 years of experience, Residency Greece specializes in all matters of Golden Visa acquisitions and investments.

Founded in 2013, our team of experts has built a successful network of trusted contractors, architects, property managers and lawyers over the years and have established a bulletproof operations and supervision process by our in-house team, for any real estate investment transaction.

Unleashing the Value of Our Offerings

We offer all services related to residence by investment. Hundreds of investors, mobile entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals have acquired a Greek Golden Visa and property with our guidance and expertise, in an easy and seamless manner.

Our main focus is to provide high-quality services to ensure the safety of our esteemed client and their valuable investment. This is achieved by combining excellent properties with personalised objective advice throughout the process. From the outset, we guide and assist our clients to invest profitably in Greek real estate, always ensuring that they are paying a fair price for the property of their choice, leading to the acquisition and maintenance of the Golden Visa and the management of their rental properties.

Residency Greece is a one-stop-shop for your investment. Our team of experts will present all the best options applicable to your specific needs and requirements, and then guide and assist with the real estate as well as the residence application process. We also offer after-sales services to ensure your property, tax and accounting are properly managed.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can design a custom plan just for you. 

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Our Identity &
What Makes Us Different

Residency Greece was founded in 2013 and we specialize in all aspects of residency through property investment. From the outset, our goal has been to make the process of acquiring a Greek Golden Visa Permit as seamless as possible for our clients. That’s why our team consists of highly experienced professionals and we have also built a trustworthy network of contractors, architects, property managers and lawyers that are managed by our in-house team to further solidify the client’s experience with the process and, of course, their investment.

With over 10 years of experience, we have advised hundreds of potential investors, mobile entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals and we have clients from more than 15 countries worldwide. We also have a 100% residency application success rate. 

We appreciate that every case is unique because of the specific requirements of each client, therefore we take the time in the initial meetings to listen to the client’s needs and custom-build the correct plan of action for them. Representing our clients’ best interests is our main goal so we make sure they have a voice at every step of the process. 

We have dealt with many high-profile and high net-worth individuals from around the globe and we understand the concerns that may arise in these matters, so we respect the need for confidentiality.

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What We Offer
for Your Success

Our main focus is providing high-quality services, from A to Z, to ensure the safety of our esteemed clientele and their valuable investment. We aim to have a collaborative partnership with our clients while also absorbing the administrative load of the process.

We truly are a one-stop-shop for your investment. From start to finish, our services make your life easy by helping with:

Advice and guidance on property investment options

Property evaluation and selection (ensuring you are paying a fair price for the real estate)

Support and handling of all documentation and bureaucratic procedures involved throughout the property transaction process

Handling of Greek Residence Permit application and issuance process

We are still there for you even after you have your Greek Golden Visa in hand. With our After Sales services, any further needs you may have can be covered by our team. We offer services related to Property Management, Rental Management, as well as Tax and Accounting services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can design a bespoke plan just for you. 


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The Core of
Our Business Values

All successful businesses need to start off by setting down what their core values and principles are, as these will shape the company culture and impact both external and internal business practices. Here are ours:

• Communication & Collaboration: we listen to each other and we listen to the client in order to effectively work together. Dialogue is key.

• Proactiveness: Always be prepared. Based on our discussions with our clients, and by utilizing our experience, we can anticipate their needs.

• Customer Commitment: From A to Z we are with the client throughout the transaction journey.

• Transparency: Being open and honest with each other builds trust and increases productivity.

• Accountability: You can count on us to be responsible and committed in your investment plan.

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